Belorussian victory in Tallin

Top scorers
Kalev: Kyle Vinales (28 + 4 rebounds + 6 assists), Aigars Skele (16 + 2 rebounds + 3 assists), Janari Joessar (10)
Tsmoki-Minsk: Robert Lowry (20 + 6 assists), Maxim Salash (17 + 2 rebounds + 2 assists), Alex Gavrilovich (14 + 9 rebounds)

The coaching staff of Dragons started the match with an unusual five. From the first minutes, Lowry, Trostinetsky, Pustogvar, Belyankov and Veremeenko appeared on the floor.

Minskers a little lost control at the start of ten minutes. This resulted in a breakthrough of the Estonian team, authored by Kyle Vinales. He brought 7 out of 9 points scored in this gap. But as soon as the Minskers found their rhythm and were able to turn off not only Vinales, but also snipers like Skele from the game, things got better. Gavrilovich and Salash who entered from the bench with their effective actions allowed reducing the backlog to 1-2 attacks - 20:24.

And in the next quarter Minskers were so successful in defense that Kalev scored the first points only in the middle of ten minutes. Immediately after the jerk of the guests 12-0. The Estonians did not find a defense gap and were marked only by 7 points in this segment. To the big break, “Tsmoki” led “+9”.

One can only assume that there was a 15-minute pause in the Kaleva locker room, but it seems that Vinales received the most instructions. The American returned his team to the game, gaining 12 points in 10 minutes. Only 2 people left from the advantage of Minskers.

Everything was decided not in the next 10 minutes, but in the last minute, when Alexey Trostinetsky confidently put in a ring from a long distance. Estonians resorted to tactical fouls, trying to save the situation, but it did not work. “Tsmoki” qualitatively executed the free throws and kept the winning difference in the score - 84:79!

Head coach of Tsmoki-Minsk Rostislav Vergun:
“Today we were opposed by a very organized and cool team. Before this match, we had no victories, but there were many games in which we deserved them. And we believed that soon this first victory would take place. Unfortunately for Kalev, our first victory happened today. But once again I want to note the opponent and how he fought for each ball. I wish Kalev good luck in the future and thank my players who, despite all the difficulties, managed to win this important victory for the whole club. In order to achieve something, patience is required - on the foundation of this victory we will build our next successes. ”

Robert Lowry has become our team’s scoring director. The American defender in this meeting scored 20 points (field shots - 8 out of 14), gave 6 assists and made 4 rebounds. It should be noted the game of Alexei Trostinetsky, whose successful actions on the perimeter, in many respects allowed such a long-awaited victory over the 5th league team to happen.

The next match in the VTB United League for our team will take place in 2 weeks against Zelenaya Gora.

Kalev - Tsmoki-Minsk - 79:84 (24-20, 7-20, 27-20, 21-24)
Tsmoki-Minsk: Salash (17 + 2 rebounds + 2 assists), Belyankov (0), Mirkovich (5 + 9 assists), Gavrilovich (14 + 9 rebounds), Lowry (20 + 4 rebounds + 6 assists), Lyutich In (8 + 3 rebounds), Trostinetsky (12), Pustogvar (3), Veremeenko (5 + 7 rebounds), Barnett (0)