Disappointing loss by «Enisey»

The desire and efforts of our team were not enough to oppose the Krasnoyarsk team.

«Tsmoki-Міnsk» - «Enisey» - 74:81 (8-29, 19-19, 27-20, 20-13)

The highest scoring:


  • Kris Clyburn (26 points + 6 rebounds),
  • Benjamin-Pavel Dodoo (12 points + 2 rebounds + 2 assists),
  • Andrei Stabrouski (12 points + 3 rebounds + 4 assists).


Today, Rostislav Vergun has picked the following starting lineup: Derek Cooke, Kris Clyburn, Klavs Cavars, Benjamin-Pavel Dodoo and Uladzislau Bliznyuk.

The opponent scored goals in our basket for the first three minutes, while «Tsmoki» did not manage to get a point. When «Enisey» had 7 points, Benjamin-Pavel Dodoo opened the scoring with hitting a triple. It seemed that nothing foreshadowed such a result, but at the first break, the teams left with an indecent score of 8-29. In the second quarter, the team managed to equalize the score, but there was still a huge gap.

In the second half of the match, the game of the team altered significantly: the team appeared on the court with such a mood. A vivid and emotional game began, as evidenced with the points on the scoreboard. «Tsmoki» managed to beat the opponent in the third and fourth quarters. The team could turn the game in their favor, unfortunately, it did not happen.  It turned out that the first quarter was the most meaningful. The result is offensive 74:81.

Drazen Anzulovic, Head coach of «Enisey»:

- I congratulate my team. It was a very important game. I am very proud of our game in the first half. The way we played in the 3rd and 4th quarters is not serious. When you lose such a good match in the 3rd and 4th quarters – for me, as a coach, it is a shame.

Rostislav Vergun, Head coach of «Tsmoki-Minsk»:

– It is so terrible to start the game at home in such a way – we lost the first quarter 8-29. To wait for a positive result, playing so badly for such a period, it is not about this league. Unfortunately, we cannot find 5-6 players who will play above their average level. We have maximum 2-3 people. It fetters the team and limits our offense.

Regarding the desire and passion with which the team played in the second half – my hat is off to them. As a coach, I have to draw conclusions and work on mistakes. Obviously, we need to play at home the way we did in the second half of the game.

I congratulate the opponents on a well-deserved victory and wish them good luck in its difficult season. I consider that 1:1 with «Enisey» this season is a fair result.

The last home game in the 20/21 season of the «Tsmoki-Minsk» in the VTB United League will be held on 21, April at the Minsk Arena. Our team will play against «Khimki». It starts at 19: 00. To buy tickets, follow the link...