«Lokomotiv» took the victory

«Tsmoki-Міnsk» showed a good game from different sides, but it was not possible to win such a serious opponent.

 «Tsmoki-Міnsk» - «Lokomotiv-Kuban» 75:101 (21-31, 17-22, 15-32, 22-16).

 The highest scoring:



Stanislav Ilnitskiy, Alan Williams, Reggie Lynch  were out of the application in «Lokomotiv-Kuban». As far as «Tsmoki-Minsk» goes, Vadzim Stubeda, Dzianis Vikentsyeu, Yauheni Beliankou  cannot help their team this game.

Aliaksandr Pustahvar, Maksim Karattsou, Kris Clyburn, Derek Cooke, Benjamin-Pavel Dodoo were in the starting lineup. Aliaksandr Pustahvar, to the delight of fans, hit a triple on the spot. Then several other players of our team did the same. However, it was not possible to maintain a good pace, and the teams left with a difference of 10 points at the first break.

Throughout the game, «Lokomotiv» gradually gained points. Our defense could not cope with such pressure and only in the last quarter, the team could take a few points back. Still the victory was far away. In addition to all the misfortunes, Maksim Karattsou got injured 5 minutes before the end of the match. He had to leave the court with the help of his teammates.

 Definitely today is not the day of «Tsmoki-Міnsk».

 Evgeny Pashutin, Head coach of «Lokomotiv»:

- First of all, I want to congratulate my team. They took a very responsible attitude to the match today. Every game is important for us, we are fighting to take the highest position in the play-off. We have a good chance to move up the standings. Therefore, before the game, the team was told to approach as responsible as possible and defend as well. The communication was effective, and they did their best. The starting lineup – our main players and all those who came on as substitutes, gave energy, aggression (following the rules, naturally), controlling the rebound, there were few turnovers. More than five people scored ten points, and overall scored one hundred. In comparison with the previous game, we defended much better today, controlled the ball around the perimeter and showed the standard of the game we are striving for.

Our task now is to prepare for the next game and the playoff, relying on this game experience. The most important matches are ahead, but today the team has deserved to win. Congratulations to both the team and the fans. Move on.


Rostislav Vergun, Head coach of «Tsmoki-Minsk»:

- There is probably nothing to comment on. There was no leader, terrible game in defense. The opponent dominated all positions. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find any positive aspects of the game. A total loss, we have to draw conclusions and play better than we have done today.

Next «Tsmoki-Minsk» game will be held on 16, April at the «Falcon Club – Arena» against «Enisey». To buy tickets, follow the link...