At distance of one attack

Tsmoki were close to an incredible comeback, but no victory happened.
Tsmoki-Minsk - Astana - 78:80 (24-24, 16-19, 11-19, 27-18).
Most Scoring
  • Khris Clyburn (17 +4 rebounds),
  • Toms Leimanis (15 + 4 rebounds + 8 assists),
  • Yaugeni Belyankou (13 + 3 rebounds).
  • Jeremiah Hill (22 + 3 rebounds),
  • Eric Buckner (21 + 11 rebounds).

As in the last meetings, Astana arrived in Minsk without legionnaires Thomas and Marble. The Minskers had no injured Chavars, Trostinetskiy and Veremeenko in the roster.

The guests opened the score with two hits from the perimeter. But Derek Cooke put a spectacular dunk in a fast break, and then Yauheni Belyankou brought 4 points. Astana had problems in the paint, which was used by the hosts. Emil Rajkovic had to burn the time-out at the 5th minute.
The second quarter began with a good positional attack by the hosts, but the implementation failed. They had to work more aggressively in defense, which led to a quick search of the team's comments. Astana took advantage of this fact and shot 15 times from the line, 7 throws reached their goal.
At the start of the second half Astana made a mini-spurt 4-0 and increased the lead to +7. The debut three-points shoot of Max Korattsov reduced the gap, but did not greatly affect the course of the game. Tsmoki scored 11 points.
For close the gap, Rostislav Vergun decided to play with an lite five, and it worked. Successful passes of Belyankov and Stabrovsky sent Astana to a timeout. True, a minute later Minsk also resorted to a pause. 3.49 before the end, Tsmoki reduced the gap to -4, but immediately missed 2 attacks into their ring. Nevertheless, the Minskers showed a fighting character: at the key moment they did not make turn overs, fought back in defense and had chances for overtime. In the key attack , Khris Clyburn failed to hit the opponent's ring, there by allowing Astana to take away the final victory.

Well, in a week our team will go to Russia, where Khimki is waiting already. On Wednesday Tsmoki will meet with Borisfen.