Tsmoki lost to Grodno

12 points for a quarter of Andrey Stabrovsky did not save the team from defeat. Tsmoki-Minsk - Grodno-93 84:93 (16-31, 20-17, 16-31, 32-14) Most productive: Tsmoki-Minsk: Chris Cliburn (14 + 3 rebounds), Andrey Stabrovsky (12 + 4 assists + 2 steals), Evgeniy Belyankov (12 + 2 rebounds + 2 assists) Grodno-93: Maxim Lyutych (19 + 6 rebounds + 3 assists), Maxim Miroshnichenko (15 + 5 rebounds + 8 assists) There has been no such intrigue in the Belarusian championship for a long time. First, the main team got involved already at the second stage. Secondly, after the trip to Mogilev, the opponents felt that they could cling to the games with the "Dragons". In addition, in the camp of Minsk residents there were more losses: for health reasons, Toms Leimanis and Denis Vikentiev missed the game. On an emergency basis, the “reservists” Maxim Korattsov and Timofey Poralev had to be involved. As in Mogilev, “Tsmoki” missed a 7-2 spurt from the start, and all attempts to pull themselves up rested on the “zone” of the guests. Long-range hits by Maxim Shustov and Maxim Lyutych and the successful passage of Maxim Miroshnichenko allowed Grodno to take possession of a double-digit advantage already in the first quarter. The guests showed a high percentage of three-pointers, hitting 5 out of 7 times. Minskers slightly improved the attack in the second ten minutes. Derek Cook ran into a couple of quick breaks, and Vladislav Bliznyuk was twice accurate from the perimeter. But the Minskers continued to experience difficulties in defense. Especially in the fight under the ring. By the big break, "Tsmoki" had "-12" in the liability. The start of the second half had a similar scenario. Minskers let Grodno go by 21 points and could not find any reserves for a comeback. For the second five minutes of the third quarter, they scored only from the penalty line. At the start of the final segment, the Grodno attack, which was often built on the passage under the ring and a discount, failed. This allowed Tsmokam to make a 9-2 spurt. And the exit of Andrey Stabroyskiy added 12 points to Minsk residents. The hosts won in a single quarter, but lost at the end of the meeting. Match statistics (http://www.fibalivestats.com/u/BFB/1855930/bs.html)