Belarus national team trashes Cyprus

Top scorers:
Cyprus: Roberto Mantovan (8+8 reb)
Belarus: Andrei Stabrovsky (19+3 reb +3 ass), Vitaly Lutych (17+11 reb), Maksim Salash (13 +4 reb +3 ass)

The first game Rostislav Vergun as coach of the national team was not presented to intrigue for basketball fans. Quality protection in the performance of his team allowed the Cyprus national team to score only 41 points.

While the sniper ability of the Belarusian players led to a 56-points advantages guests. Red-green hit 15 three-pointers. Especially notable was Andrew Stabrovsky, which, according to the Protocol, hit 6 of 6 from the perimeter.

From the 12 players today, only Roman Rubinstein didn't scored points, but has recorded 5 rebounds and 7 assist.